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Bon Jovi: In Their Own Words

Bon Jovi: In Their Own Words Bon Jovi: In Their Own Words Thirty years into a quite dazzling career, Bon Jovi has changed the entire face of Rock Music. During this period this incredible group have not just regularly released the finest examples of brilliant, melodic rock anthems and pop-rock classics, and performed the most staggering live shows, but equally, by keeping their feet, on the ground, their heads out of the clouds and remaining solid, decent guys who really care about both their fans and the world in general, have created a new template that more and more post-Jovi acts have begun to follow - a hugely refreshing change in a business traditionally dominated by fame, image and the god-almighty dollar bill. This DVD contains filmed interviews with Bon Jovi - and with JBJ alone -from right across their lengthy career to date. The group show themselves to be intelligent, honourable men with a wicked sense of humour and musicians who seem genuinely still enthused by the music they make and the shows they perform. Almost

Год выпуска 2014
Тип носителя DVD
В ролях Bon Jovi
Страна происхождения Европейский Союз
Цена 1474 руб.

Купить "Bon Jovi: In Their Own Words"

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